Frequently Asked Questions

10 questions new clients ask.


Who Does VALLARIS Advise?

  1. Have achieved at least $10 million revenue in the last twelve months (’10’);
  2. Aim to close a deal or disagreement worth no less than $10 million (’10’); and
  3. Are an entrepreneur who has completed at least one successful deal.


A VALLARIS client believes the following:

  1. M&A is the way to grow revenues beyond $10 million / year.
  2. Wealth is measured in time, not money.
  3. They are willing to invest to exchange a problem for a solution.
  4. A VALLARIAN will make a difference to their business.


What Does Working With VALLARIS Do For You?
VALLARIS is your path to strategic confidence. This enables you to become a powerful business leader who uses world-class insights to Make Your Move™.

Build a business that is investment ready with:

  1. Proven principles to develop a winning business mindset;
  2. Proven strategies and tactics to thrive during an economic downturn or profit during a boom;
  3. Full access to VALLARIS’ suite of Deal, Foundation and Dispute Advisory services to foster continuous learning and business growth; and
  4. Get featured in VALLARIS’ social media platform to share your success story.


What VALLARIS Covers In The Discovery Session
This is a exclusive 30 min consultation reserved for you. Our aim is to:

    1. Frame the challenge you face;
    2. Understand what precisely you have tried to address the issue; and
    3. Co-create the outcome you wish to achieve when we work together.


Working Together

The VALLARIS Experience
We start with the right belief: that your organization doesn’t have financial problems.

It has commercial challenges and opportunities. Depending on what’s needed, we might:

  1. Serve as a sounding board. Talk through an argument to sharpen understanding and conclusions drawn.
  2. Test a proposed path. Scrutinize the reasons for an option and make clear potential consequences.
  3. Expand a frame of reference. Provide greater breadth and depth about both a problem’s context and implications for action.
  4. Provide process guidance. Suggest an approach and manage a complex, delicate or high stakes situation.
  5. Generate new ideas. Increase the number and range of options.


The VALLARIS Advantage
We focus on how we advise as much as what we advise. Clients and partners tell us they love these experiences working with us:

  1. The right fit. Each request for advice is unique. As time is of the essence, you may not want to search anew for advisers every time. The purpose of the discovery session is to see if we are both a right fit for each other. The answer is yes if you believe we have your interests at heart, the right expertise to help, and most importantly keep confidences.
  2. Do we have a shared understanding? An adviser is only as good as the details you share with us. Even if some truth can be uncomfortable, e.g. behaviour or weakness. We always seek first to understand you, before we are understood by you. Once we understand the narrative in context, we can begin to add value as your sounding board.
  3. Recommend options. Confidence in decision making improves dramatically when options are available. Even go/no-go decisions show improved results when alternatives are detailed and considered.
  4. Evaluate alternatives. We offer a second opinion. We play the devil’s advocate. This ensures our client does not fall prey to confirmation bias – especially if you remain uncertain. In complex, highly visible, ambiguous, contested or difficult to implement situations, an additional perspective is often helpful.
  5. Take action. Advisers and clients often see things differently. Advisers like to focus on purpose, whereas a client who faces an impending decision wants tactics. Vallaris marries both the ideal and the pragmatic when we advise. We do this as a collaborative process – to better understand and recommend possible paths forward as part of an ongoing conversation.


We make every effort to tailor expertise to meet challenge. For example, we specify the engagement leader in the engagement letter. This ensures you receive the quality of advice and expertise you paid for. We do not practice swapping senior advisers for junior staff after you appoint us. VALLARIS senior management is invested and leads from the front.

We believe in a transformational and not a transactional relationship when we work together. We believe in guiding clients with empathy, authority, context, culture and commitment. Most importantly, we believe that protecting our staff’s dignity and our hard won reputation is paramount over money.


Your Journey With VALLARIS
An assignment’s engagement period is driven by scope and complexity. As a rule of thumb, business valuation and due diligence projects take 3-4 weeks to deliver. Mergers & acquisitions engagements may take up to 9-12 months.


Your Authentic Relationship With VALLARIS
Vallaris aims to exceed your expectation every time we work together. In the event that you feel dissatisfied, please reach out to us.



The VALLARIS Premium
VALLARIS advice is priced to be good value and our pricing reflects that. We offer solutions that impact quickly and effectively while saving you time and energy. You pay us not only for results that address the root cause effectively but more importantly to help you reclaim time and energy. Our most recent report reveals that our clients either repeat or refer us business within 6 months.

Is Our First Meeting Complimentary?
Yes. Our first meeting is a high value discovery session. It is also VALLARIS’ investment into our relationship. Its purpose is to understand your challenge. We shall also outline our approach. If we are a good fit for each other and the terms are agreeable, we can then start working together.


If that describes you, please contact us to start a conversation.