Mr. Karan Talwar | Finance Director

This was our first-time bidding for a government project finance tender. A win would raise our brand and company profile.

The VALLARIS team designed a bid proposal layout that differentiated us. Siong Yoong’s bid advisory strategy communicated what Singapore’s government wanted in a partner.

VALLARIS supported our bid proposal with a well-thought through financial model. The model communicated our credibility, reliability and pragmatism. Siong Yoong also coached us on handling tender clarifications.

I’m pleased to report that we have qualified for discussions based on our bid proposal. We aim to win the tender. We work with many consultants, and I can say that VALLARIS is up there with the best! Across the board, the entire VALLARIS team has been a pleasure to work with. Best of all, they deliver on time and with excellent results. I highly recommend VALLARIS.