Mr. Christian Bachheimer | Director

We desired to understand a German acquisition target’s business model. We hired Siong Yoong and his team to conduct financial due diligence. The aim was to investigate the business’ financial performance as well as any red flags.

Siong Yoong designed a scope of work that reflected our deal objectives and concerns. He and his team overcame many field challenges through planning, adaptability, and tenacity. For example, they gained access to information only after arrival in Germany. Siong Yoong had also embedded a German-speaking colleague on the team. This helped them speed up fieldwork. I’m pleased the team was able to present the draft report in the same week they were in Germany. As a result of all the hard work, we were able to engage the vendor in honest and transparent deal-making.

Siong Yoong and his team delivered high quality work to a tight timeline and was agile in execution. I wish him all the best and hope to work with him again in future!