Raise Capital: Things You Didn’t Know About ESG Businesses

By Mun Siong Yoong on March 06, 2022, 9:53 AM

How Do You Value Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) Startups?


Mr William Foo has spent his professional career as the owner of a successful sofa manufacturer. Two years ago, he thought of starting a completely new business.


Singapore’s 30 by 30 Food Security Goal

He was concerned about the quality of food we put in our bodies, and the cost and environmental impact of getting ‘fresh’ vegetables to Singaporeans.

V+ Agritech explores a unique angle to urban farming. They aim not to give you fish, so the metaphor goes, but to teach you how to fish. And farm.

They aim to sell you not the fish or vegetable but the farm.


Vertical Farming

I’m standing next to William at his compact agroponic prototype assembled just last Nov 2021.

We discussed the environmental impact of soil based farming vs hydroponics and agroponics.

It was very interesting to hear the challenges of growing a ‘pre-fabricated’ farm business.

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