Singapore’s Second Minister for both Finance and National Development Spotlights VALLARIS

By Mun Siong Yoong on November 08, 2020, 4:58 PM


How WhatsApp Got Facebook To Pay USD19 Billion For $0 User Revenue

By Mun Siong Yoong on January 11, 2021, 4:57 PM


Project Combust

Energy, Industrials, Business Valuation

Valuation of a waste-to-energy plant for transaction purposes

Project Partner 2

Energy, Portfolio Company Investment Valuation

Remeasurement of equity stake with stapled put option in a cross-border joint venture

Project Rate

Energy, Economic Damages

Quantify economic damages arising from a contractual breach to pay M&A advisory fees

Project Partner

Energy, Portfolio Company Investment Valuation

Valuation of equity stake with stapled put option in a cross-border joint venture

Project Freight

Industrials, Forensic Accounting

Investigated if company funds were misappropriated

Project Home

Healthcare, Economic Damages

Investigated economic damages arising from misrepresentation and breaches of warranties


Project Succession (Appeal)

Consumer Discretionary, Forensic Accounting

"We agree with the Judge that Mun’s evidence should be preferred. Mun’s evidence was more credible and objective, and the conclusions he reached were well-reasoned and supported by the evidence." The appellant accepted on appeal Mun’s valuation Read more...

Justice Steven Chong Horng Siong | Judge of Appeal
The Court of Appeal of Singapore

Advisory Role

Business Valuation, Financial Instrument Valuation, Intangible Asset Valuation, Portfolio Company Investment Valuation, Share-based Payment Valuation

Mr. Mun Siong Yoong, Founder and CEO of Vallaris Deal Advisory Pte Ltd, was conferred the Chartered Valuer and Appraisers (CVA) designation in 2017 for his extensive industry experience in the field of Business Valuation (BV). He is a current member Read more...

Mr. Evan Law | Chief Executive
Singapore Accountancy Commission

Project Aural

Consumer Discretionary, Purchase Price Allocation

We are one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Starkey is based in the United States and had acquired targets in Singapore and Indonesia. We wanted an adviser to guide us through the complexities of this cross-border acquisition. Siong Read more...

Ms. Kelly Myre | International Controller
Starkey Hearing Technologies

Project Successon

Consumer Discretionary, Forensic Accounting

"The court turns its attention next to the evidence of the Defendants’ expert Mun. He is a chartered accountant as well as a chartered valuer and appraiser who has appeared in Singapore courts as well as at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre Read more...

Justice Lai Siu Chiu | Senior Judge
The High Court of Singapore